Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello Wednesday! I'm insanely busy, neck deep in a few really fun projects (a little behind on a few perhaps but otherwise doing rather well)... also got tons of orders to ship off to happy new owners, and  even going for an interesting interview in the city this afternoon. Lots of funness! 

Anywho, so even though I'm a bit busy I thought I just needed to share these gorgeous illustrations by  Becca Ashby of A Constance Posey. Sometimes I get just a teensy bit jealous of fashion illustrators with fluid expressionistic lines and forms. Imagine being able to draw perfect sexy scribbles. (My scribbles certainly don't resemble any of the lines below... and merely look like scribbles.) 

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Asia said...

I saw yesterday a poster with her drawing on one of the T stations, she is really good!