Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Guess what?! I bought myself I really great present, an investment really, a 27" imac! I can't believe it's mine all mine. I'm so in love already. Me and the new trackpad aren't the best of friends just yet, but we will be soon enough. It's so huge, so gorgeous, and so fast! I'm loving learning all the new features and figuring out an even more productive way of working. I'm dreaming up all sorts of fun, detailed, huge projects to work on now that I have such a great computer. Very exciting!

Major excited computer dork face!

Love love love
getting used to working in a different way

It's just soooo pretty!
Can't believe I've been working on this old Macbook for 5 whole years

I think I'm going to want to work 24/7 now, just to get to use this gorgeous computer as much as I can.


Asia said...

jealous jealous jealous!:)

Unknown said...

I've been saving saving saving and waiting waiting waiting. Hard work pays off, hehe

Becca - Rebecca Atwood Designs said...

Very exciting! I just ordered a new macbook and am so excited for it to arrive!

Unknown said...

Becca, I almost feel silly how excited I am about this computer. haha