Monday, July 9, 2012

1700s Palace

We had a perfect weekend. On Saturday Sweden gifted us with gorgeously warm weather so we could be outside and go on a little adventure, and on Sunday we had horribly rainy weather so we could stay inside, eat a long breakfast, finish a good book (Hypnotisören by Lars Kepler), and catch up on a bit of work.

So on Saturday we jumped into the car and drove out to a part of outer Stockholm that we've never visited, Stenhamra and Svartsjö. Stenhamra was the sweetest little rural villa community. I could see myself living there definitely one day. It's just 30 minutes from Stockholm's city center and yet it feels like you're in the middle of the it sits right by the Mälaren. We found a spot by the water and read for a few hours. Then we drove a bit further to Svartsjö to see a palace from the 1700s, Svartsjö Palace. Rococo furniture, hand painted wallpaper, and gorgeously rustic wooden floors.

With a relaxed gorgeous weekend like this, I just can't wait for a new productive week. Happy Monday!

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