Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm not much of a DIYer. I don't do crafts or projects very often. I don't like having to buy all sorts of supplies I'll only use once or twice... and they're usually really messy. But this project required only a glass and a few paint pens (perfect!) It's a present for my grandmother who is turning a fabulous 80, so it's well worth it! (And I did have fun actually, maybe I'm a DIYer after all.)

The pens work on both porcelain and glass so I tested how well they would draw first on a small bowl. (It turned out rather cute, so I think I'll keep this for myself.)

Pink and blue lipsticks, flowers, and dots

And for my glamorous Grandmother, a glass with the same pattern as well as a pair of hot pink heels and the word 'Glamour'

Now in they go into the oven to set. Hopefully they won't break!

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