Tuesday, July 17, 2012


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Today's Question: How do you get over self employed guilt?

One of the hardest parts of having a your own business, especially if you're working from home, is knowing when to stop working and not feeling guilty for not working 24/7.

Essentially I work when ever I feel like it. (Which is all the time hehe.) But I feel the need to be rather normal, so I try to work less, little or not work at all on the weekends and weekday evenings. There are always exceptions to the rules, so I might sleep in late one morning and then work until bedtime, or I'll take an entire day off and then work extra the day before or the next day. Somedays I really just don't have much to do and get a free day automatically (these days I should use to create new works but I usually waste them running errands, or infront of tv shows and Pinterest. ha to honesty!)

So when I'm being a normal human being enjoying a long dinner, or meeting friends on the weekends, or spending a few hours reading blogs and getting lost in Flickr or Pinterest I can feel a bit guilty. Especially guilty if I have a several unanswered emails, orders that haven't been placed or commissioned projects that aren't quite finished.

The only antidote pretty much is to either work a little extra or get over the guilt... because your customers know that you need free time just as much as they do.

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