Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Week I...

Since I missed doing this on Friday as I should have, why not do a little recap today... this is what Sundays are for, aren't they?

Must say I had a really great free week. I'd just completed a few huge projects and didn't really have much to do, plus boyfriend had vacation this week (and the next 2 following weeks) so it almost feels as though I have vacation as well. (I just can't help myself from checking my email several times a day though.)

Images via my Instagram (emmakisstina)

This Week I...

1.  Made seven new illustrations for my shop! Including a new personal favorite Arm Candy.

2. Had a little extra time to start getting lost in the Game of Thrones series. Even better when you can enjoy reading in a park.

3. May have enjoyed several of these... blueberry juice, sprite and gin. Yum!

4. Went hiking in the worst possible shoes (leopard print ballerinas), stepped in countless wild blueberry bushes (17% of Sweden is covered in blueberries... did you know?), my feet were stained purple but the view made it all worth it!

5. Enjoyed a romantic overnight stay at a sweet 1700s country inn bed and breakfast, Wretas. Read more about my trip in this post...

6. My favoritest person in the entire world (the boyfriend of course) took me boating a few times. He's a great Captain and Stockholm's archipelago is stunning... though the water is freezing of course. Enjoyed a pinch of beach and sun life at least.

7. Even got to meet a few handsome horses.

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