Monday, August 27, 2012

No Monday Blues Here

Via Hennes Mauritz

Hello Monday!

I'm all pumped about my job and working again, this is awesome! (Be excited for me) Today I checked off 4 out of 5 big to do items (and the day's not even over yet!)

I think my new found energy has something to do with me being back at the gym regularly. (Go me!) I've been feeling really lame all summer; I've really missed sweating, hopping, dancing, even push ups (nah, not push-ups... sit ups maybe.) The first day back, I was sore in every and all muscles but now after a week I feel energised and fabulous. (Gym dork alert!!!)

On Saturday I even stocked up on a few spanking new gym clothes from H&M of all places. Did you know H&M sells work out clothes? Me neither!

Here's to a really great week, free of the Monday blues!

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