Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 1: Halmstad

Hello Thursday! Time for some vacation photos.... We enjoyed the first week of our vacation in my Mother's hometown Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden, with lots of family, and tons of great  seafood.

So great to spend time with my little Mommy.
Oh, and my tiny little grandmother too!
View of inner city Halmstad and the water as well of course
The beach! Halmstad is the most popular beach town in Sweden
Perfect for evening strolls... 
Typically Swedish dinner. I love pink caviar sauce
The birthday girl celebrating her 80th! Such a delicious cake!
Three generations
Lax Symfoni... the west coast has the most amazing seafood
A quick Skype chat with my little sister.
A Crayfish party on our last evening. A Swedish August tradition!
We also enjoyed langoustine and sweet shrimp, soooo delicious. I ate so much I nearly thought I'd explode.

 I'm seriously drooling over all the amazing seafood we enjoyed still. The weather even cooperated a few hours to allow us to enjoy the gorgeous beach. (Even got a bit of a sunburn.) It was also really nice to spend time with family members I only usually get to see twice a year.


Jamie said...

How did you get your hair to look so cute in the three generations photo?

BTW the photos are beautiful! I'm glad your mommy was able to visit.

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Thanks Miss Jamie!

I use a curling wand, they make the most perfect curly waves ever :)

I'm so glad she could come too. We had such a nice time. Two weeks was just a bit too short. xo