Sunday, October 7, 2012


Saturday nights are our nights for treating ourselves (we think we're worth it). During the week we enjoy regular budget meals in order to get a little fancy on Saturday. You can imagine Saturday is my favorite night of the week!

I think last night's meal was especially delicious with a selection of really yummy things. This is what we had...

• Carpaccio of filé of beef, with balsamico, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. (First time making this, rather yummy. The raw beef was really really tender.)
• Sourdough toast with creamed chanterelle mushrooms.
• Roasted yellow squash seasoned with parmesan and thyme.
• Roasted orange peppers, topped with fresh mozzarella and green chili.
• Sourdough garlic bread with chives.
• Tiny bitter black olives.
• Spicy rustic Greek green olives.
• Pata Negra, cured ham. (OMG so yummy!)
• Homemade marinated mushrooms.
• Marinated roasted brussel sprouts.
• Smoked almonds.
• Tomme de chèvre.

To drink we enjoyed a delicious white Fino Sherry and a bottle of natural wine made of Gamay grapes from Rhone in France. (Never had natural wine before, I was pleasantly surprised!)

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