Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 40

Week 40 was a really great week!

Images via my Instagram follow me @emmakisstina

• The week started with enjoying the great crisp Fall weather. Boyfriend and I went on a long walk through our neighborhood to admire all the changing leaves, and last flowers. I even made a pumpkin stew. It's definitely Fall!
Pouf went live! and wasn't it nice? Fun to see all the illustrations I did in the context of a magazine. Plus great to have an extra feature showing off my bathroom cabinet.
Matchbook also went live, and they surprised us with a few great changes to their site. Did you like my Madeline?
• Wednesday I played tour guide for two American Illustrators who were visiting Stockholm for the first time. We had tea at Svenskt Tenn and browsed tons of great design shops. I recommend Svenskt Tenn classic blend tea, it was gorgeously delicate.
• I got started on a few patterns. Can't wait to get them digitised and colored! (maybe this weekend.)
• Went to a wine tasting with my lady friends, and felt really grown up. Now I know all about Piemonte wines.
• I also worked on quite a few new projects, but I can't tell you about them until finished. So that's lame. Just know that they're really great, hehe.
• I signed up for a handful of useful free courses for freelance artists this Fall. Look forward to learning more about marketing, Photoshop techniques, and how to take more payment... plus a few other things.
• Oh and now the week is ending with me starting to get a cold. Nothing I can't stand more than having to blow my nose every 5 minutes. Hopefully it goes away quick over the weekend. I'll have to take it easy this weekend. Sounds nice.


Linnea said...

Love your illustrations! Wich size fits a "normal" 21x30cm A4-frame(+passepartou)the best. At medium is 18x24cm, and large is 24x30..

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Hi Linnea! I don't offer A4 as one of my sizes (it's so long) but I could make it available of course to you. You can order direct through me if you'd like.