Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 41

Week 41!

• What a whirl wind week. I barely left the house, just lots of work work work. Fun actually! I had another rather large project to complete in Illustrator format. Can't wait to show you next Summer, haha.

• I've been wearing my scarves a whole lot this week. They're great for this Fall weather that is rather chilly but not chilly enough for thick wooly scarves. (I haven't even brought out my Fall/Winter clothes yet, it's on the to do list though.) I am also planning a scarf sale soon. Not sure yet about the when and how, but I'll let you know!

• Holy Moly the colors in my neighborhood are becoming more and more gorgeous! The streets are already littered with leaves and leaves and more leaves. p.s. Isn't my neighborhood just the cutest?

• And then what I think my greatest achievement of the week would have to be my homemade bagels. A real success I might add. Gosh I've been craving chewy bagels, I just can't find them here in Sweden. The ones that I have found here are sorry excuses for bagels (more like a dry roll with a hole in it, what the F!) Sooooo glad I can make them myself, plus they're really easy. I used this recipe...

Images via my instagram @emmakisstina ;)

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