Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 43

Week 43!

This week was kind of a strange week (and when I say strange, I mean more like fun, and I didn't get much work done). Feels as though I've spent more time outside of my apartment than the usual always at home working in front of my computer hermit style. Suppose it's good to get a refresher week, to gain new ideas, perspectives and inspiration.

• The week started off a little extra fun. I went shopping on a Monday afternoon! I tried on what felt like every black tall flat boot in Stockholm until I found the perfect perfect perfect pair. So in love. They are from Vagabond, and set me back a pretty penny. But they're an investment, wink ;) Also treated myself to a gorgeous new wool coat. Just in time, it's starting to get really close to freezing temperatures.

• Went a quick course on marketing and PR. I'm not sure I learned too much new (keep doing what I'm doing really... just more more more), but it sure was fun meeting other creatives. Bought myself a fancy new notebook to write down all sorts of important notes and ideas. Actually got a few new ideas up my sleeves. (Stay tuned!)

• Geeked out at another wine tasting (second tasting this month) with the boyfriend and his Rents. This time with wine and cheese pairing. I feel like a real grown up.

• I must confess I haven't gotten that much work done this week. I've felt that I've just been waiting on responses, and confirmations... plus maybe a pinch of procrastination. Can say that I have been working on several new illustrations for the second issue of Pouf magazine though.

p.s. It snowed for the first time yesterday! Silly Sweden!

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