Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy Bee

horribly fuzzy picture from my instagram, @emmakisstina

My goodness December is flying by way way way too fast! and I've been work work working. I've been getting up extra early to make the most of my days as I have way more to do than usual. I've got a nice amount of orders to place and ship, one really huge project I soooo soooo soo can't wait to tell you about, and lots of commissioned Christmas presents (kind of last minute, I must say.) So this is my view as of late... it's just me, my Imac and my Wacom tablet. Can't complain, I've got the best job!!!

Btw, to any tablet users... taping a piece of drawing paper to your tablet is just genius. Now it feels like I'm actually drawing on paper, like I'm used to instead of slipping all over the place. Love it! I had gotten this tip a while ago from a fellow illustrator (though she said try using tracing paper) but last week I was at a Master talk Photoshop course and got the tip of using drawing paper. Why haven't I thought of this before???

Back to work!

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Illustrated Lines said...

Thanks for the tip Emma. I've just tried it out and yes, it works! It's so much better when trying to do more precise shading and lines.
Enjoy your day.