Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Matchbook December!

 And then all of a sudden there was another great issue of Matchbook Magazine live. Being the December issue it was full of Holiday cheer, as one suspects. One really does get into the holiday spirit with all these gorgeous gift guides and party ideas taking over the internet world at the moment (oh and in real life too.) I also really enjoyed digitally meeting artist Lulie Wallace on page 80, her floral paintings are stunning. Oh and my contribution (can't forget) this month was Daisy Buchanan can be found on page 111.

Hope you're not disappointed by my depiction of Daisy. I watched the 1974 classic movie, The Great Gatsby, in order to refresh my memory of the story and Daisy herself. The entire film she floats around in light chiffon dresses, hats and scarves (only one scene does she wear a glamorous flapper ensemble.) I thought this soft lilac hat was the just the prettiest!

BTW, I found it strange how sweaty all the men looked through out the film, eww.

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