Monday, January 28, 2013

The Perfect Apartment

Hello Monday!

I've been a little bit distracted as of late. The apartment we are renting at the moment is going for sale soon, and we either have to figure out if we can buy it, buy something else or try to find another rental (completely impossible in Stockholm). So I've been obsessing (a little too much) over looking at apartments in our price range. I can't keep myself from spending hours and hours on Hemnet it's just so exciting to see where we could possibly live!

Here are a few glimpses at a few gorgeous apartments we've got our sites on...

I bet you can see why I'm so distracted, some of these places are just so very very nice! I think the final decision is going to be really really difficult. But since it's Monday again, I think I need to set a apartment hunting stop, well at least until I finished with all my projects for the day.


J {*sparklingly} said...

Oh, goodness, I'm going to be following along very, very carefully since I'm completely scared/nervous about apartment hunting in Stockholm one day.

I've survived 6 years of apartments in NYC, which is notoriously ridiculous, but have heard Stockholm is worse (NYC has apartments, they're just expensive...apparently Stockholm just doesn't have apartments and there's this confusing first-hand vs. second-hand contract thing that I can't make sense of!).

Good luck to you! I (selfishly) hope you'll keep us updated on how it's going and the whole process! The images of the apartments you like are just darling!


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

looks like they are all quite beautiful! seems like any choice you make should be a good one. Best of Luck !!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness J, it seriously is just awful. In order to get a first hand contract you have to wait in line, the line for an apartment in the city is at least 10-15 years. I've been in line for 4 (so I'm pretty much in line so that my future children can get a great apartment.

Second hand apartments are difficult because you can only live for a year at a time. (We've been lucky, our current apartment building is a bit lax with the one year rule.) Otherwise we've rented from friends and friends of friends for a few months at a time. We even lived in the women's changing room of my boyfriend's parents car dealership for a few months because we didn't have any where to stay.

So everyone has to buy, but it's not cheap.
The good thing though is that apartments are pretty gorgeous even at our price range. But we definitely can't get any where near the city center.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to help if I can :)

J {*sparklingly} said...

Thanks, dear, that's so nice of you to offer! I may reach out with questions once the process actually starts (which won't be for quite a while, so I'm sure you'll be nice and cozily settled by then).

The decade-long waiting list for first-hand contracts is what scares me! (And of course because my husband grew up in Italy, his Swedish mom didn't put him on the list when he was born, I don't think they ever thought he'd want to leave Italy for Sweden——much less find an American wife who wanted to live there!).

I wouldn't mind buying, but I wanted to rent for a bit to figure my way out around the city. Luckily my in-laws have room for us in case we're unable to figure out a situation for us for a bit.

I didn't realize second hand apartments are generally just one year though—definitely very good to know!

And, wow, you both are amazing to have survived the car dealership living arrangement. The thought that things in a normal-person's price range can be so nice is seriously heartening, as that is definitely not the case in NYC. (If those beautiful pictures you posted are affordable for normal people of our age, than I'm already feeling slightly better about things!).

Unknown said...

Same here. If only my Daddy had stayed in line or better yet kept his apartment in Stockholm. But how was he to ever know that he would have a daughter who would move there one day.

You don't have to worry about bad conditions, there are lots of regulations, so apartments have to be updated periodically. There are of course still people with really strange (bad) taste. haha

Johan and I know that we can get through everything now, after all our crazy living arrangements :)