Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2

photos via my instagram @emmakisstina 
This week I really got back into the swing of things. Started going to the gym again after a month of laziness (seriously sore all over), planned out lots of fun collaborations with great bloggers for my WIMB series, and I also got lots of fun drawing work finished.

• Created a new header for the blog. Started off with a pastel colored one, but quickly tired of it and moved on to the one shown above. I think it's here to stay... at least for a little while.

• This year's first Blogger What's in my Bag featuring Chloe of The Preppy Diares went live on Wednesday as usual. Been missing these.

• Finished a whole bunch of illustrations for the next issue of Pouf Magazine, which will go live on the 1st of February.

• Created a custom perfume illustration for a Hermes Elixir Des Merveilles loving girl.

• Been wearing a lot of red lately!

• And finally lots of more snowy cold weather to Sweden. It may be dark, gray, and cold, but at least it's pretty.

Have a great weekend!


A Girl, A Style said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and for leading me to your blog (I've been a fan of your illustrations in Matchbook mag since the beginning but didn't realise you had your own blog). Love this little roundup, and your 'whats in the bag' illustrations (I'd love to do a collaboration with you on something soon!)

Briony xx

Unknown said...

OH Briony, now I must just thank you for your sweet comment. Yes a collaboration soon is a must! xo