Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIMB: Victoria of Vmac & Cheese

Hello Wednesday!

It feels as though it has been months not two weeks since my last instalment of my Blogger What's in my Bag series. These are so fun, I wish I had time to finish one absolutely everyday. (That's never going to happen!)

Anyhow, who did I have the pleasure of collaborating with this week? Well the fantabulous Victoria we all know and love from the amazing blog Vmac & Cheese and her inspiring company Vivaleur. Her posts are always so stylishly put together and professional so I just knew her picks for the illustration were going to be amazing. I was rather shocked by all the color though (I had her figured out all wrong, as a neutrals girl.) I am in love love love with the coral, dark green, gold, blue and fuchsia combo! I also love that she chose a mix of her items and a few dream items. (We'll just let you guess which are which.)

I am so happy to add this one to the collection. As always if you'd like to see the other Blogger WIMB illustrations I've completed look here... and you can always get one for yourself here...

1 comment:

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

My secret is -- lots of color in one area, either accessories or shoes or a blouse. But never all together! :) Everything else usually IS neutral!