Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Nice Kick in the Pants

Sometimes I really just need a major kick in the pants. I feel like the laziest illustrator in the world at times. As an illustrator wouldn't you think I'd be drawing absolutely all the time? Like, you'd have to pry my pens and drawing pads from my hands to get me to do anything else. Strangely I don't, and I even have to force myself. So I go on feeling a bit down on myself (I'm not good enough, I'll never be like them... blah blah blah and all that silly crap we tell ourselves.) But then I'll revisit the work of one of my many favorite illustrators and just feel this urge to also make more beautiful things. Bam! (Kick in the pants!)

This is how I felt last night when I dropped by Julia Rothman's website after listening to her interview on Design Sponge's After the Jump radio program. Gahhhh the inspiration! Idea overload!

Just look at her amazing work...

So I think, gosh darn it, her work is rather similar to mine (I'm a big pinch more to the girly side, but still.) If she can make all these gorgeous things, then so can I! They are in the works, but maybe I could work just a little bit faster faster faster.

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