Monday, February 4, 2013

Pouf! Issue 3

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? We sure did, still looking for the perfect apartment. I'm also dreaming about how we're going to design this new apartment. Since we don't really own much furniture we'll be needing a sofa, a dining table, a bed, and many other small things. There are quite a few nice apartments to choose from, but it's a bit frustrating... so many people are at the showings. I just want one to be mine and not have to duel it out with others in a bidding war. Lame!

I'm sure over the weekend you took the time to really read through the latest issue of Pouf! as I did. I may be biased as I've contributed lots of lovely illustrations, but I think it's a gorgeous publication. Here is a selection of my favorites. I especially loved the house tour of antique lover Charlotte and Johan's wine article too of course.


finafrun said...

Läser den och älskar den!

Unknown said...

Det kan jag tänka mig!!!