Monday, March 11, 2013


When I thought of doing this post I had at first planned on naming 29 things, but when I struggled to even come up with 5, I just decided to go with as many as I could. Here we go.

A Few Things On Being 29:

1. I thought I'd feel much older, but I still feel like a little girl. My knees and other joints snap, crackle, and pop when I've been sitting for too long or my muscles are cold but I would blame that on my 20+ years of ballet dancing rather than age. (I can still do my splits by the way.) I also still giggle like a school girl about just about anything. (Especially farts... even fake ones.)

2. There are all sorts of things that I thought (at like age 16) I would have done before turning 30. Such has be married and possibly had a baby. Now I just feel too young still. Let's save that for the 30s. :)

3. I still can't figure out my skin. What is the deal, are you dry or oily?! We've been hanging out together 24/7 for 29 years and I still don't get you. One thing I have discovered though just this year which has forever saved my Winter dry skin is Coconut Oil. Why couldn't I have discovered this 5 years ago when I moved from humid Florida to chilly dry Sweden. My skin is forever grateful for the extra moisture and my sensitive skin doesn't break out or get irritated buy this great stuff. Even got the boyfriend hooked.

4. Love not caring as much about what people think is great. I'll wear bright pink in a sea of black! Or stand at the front in a group gym class. Love feeling confident in who I am and what I like. Growing up I was terribly shy, which took years and years to over come. Even not too long ago I used to be a little embarrassed by what I do (illustrate lipsticks and shoes) and felt that people don't take me seriously. Now I just embrace the girliness, I know myself that that's not all that I'm about. (I'm multifaceted like everyone else, hehe.)

5. Being 29 is just awesome. I've already experienced all sorts of great times in my childhood and as a young adult... and then I have the rest of my life to look forward to.

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