Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drugstore Hauls

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One thing I really really miss about living in the States is all the great drugstores. We don't have drugstores in the same way in Sweden (which are mainly just to pick up medicine duh, and other boring essentials such as unscented lotions or toothpaste etc.) We don't have drugstores filled with random stuff you didn't even know you needed and especially don't have drugstore beauty sections. Sigh, that's of course the part I miss most. I loved going with my sister to CVS or Walgreens or Target to stock up on lots of new beauty products. I'd of course come home with far too much stuff, but the prices in America are so affordable it's totally okay. (My sister and I would always some how come home with about 5 pounds of candy too, very necessary.)

In Sweden makeup is just sooooo insanely expensive! Even brands like Maybelline cost nearly 3 times as much full price as full price in America. (Not fair!) I've come to see makeup in a completely new way since moving here. First off I wear much less makeup here than I did before, most Swedes are pretty natural in their makeup looks, and I haven't wanted to stand out. I feel more comfortable here now, so I've been amping up my looks a bit (haha.) Also since I'm spending more money on makeup I really invest in products that I know I'll love and use all the time. No more testing and playing, sadface.

Over the weekend I really got sucked into the beauty guru world on Youtube. I watched hours and hours (dork alert) of the cutest girls showing off their hauls and reviewing products from the drugstore. This of course really really made me miss America in the strangest way. I want to go on a haul sooo bad!

Maybe I can get my Mommy to send me a few things. :)

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Val said...

:( I feel for you. To me no trip to the drugsture is complete without getting nail polish, manis & pedis are my thing.