Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Monday!

Yay! Another week. Only 80 days till we move to our new apartment (of course I haven't started counting down already, that would be silly.)

I had a really regular nice kind of weekend. On Saturday I got myself all dolled up and went to town to do a little shopping, haven't treated myself to anything new in quite a while. Thought I'd get myself a belated birthday present. I did too, a gorgeous printed tote bag from Svenskt Tenn! (I'll show that off later.) Thought it was going to be another gorgeous day, as it's been for a while now, so I didn't bring any real winter gear. Of course Stockholm was hit by a strange mini snow storm, and my pretty hair and make up was just Destroyed! I had planned to run lots of errands in town, but with the crazy weather, it just wasn't an option. Oh well, nothing like a few new things to brighten your mood, plus I had a girl's night to look forward to too.

Sunday was used to catch up on a lot of bill/receipt/tax organisation, and lots of work too. Boring.

So it's another week, and I've already gotten lots done. Starting off the week great with a new illustration too. (Proud of myself.) What do you think of 2 Pastel Pairs?


T E L I S H A H said...

Beautiful Drawing <33

TELISHAH . de Klick :)

RKP said...

Love them! You do great shoes. :)


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Ladies! I'm so glad you like my latest heel drawing. :)