Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 13

A Few Wonderfully Amazingful things about this week:

• Like usual I've started work on a few really exciting projects (that I can't tell you about just yet, lame), but when I do you'll be excited! Just a little hint... I'm working on illustrating another book. Yippie!

• Another month has nearly passed so my real count down to moving can finally begin. (55 days until moving day!) I was excited before, but now I'm really really excited!

• I've been treating myself to a few new things lately, via online shopping. I never ever shop online (well nearly never), I just like looking at things in person. But as I've discussed before, Sweden is sooooooo expensive. Even with high shipping costs and even extra taxes when the items arrive in Sweden the prices I've found online have been more than half the price of items I'd find here in Stockholm. The wait is killing me though! I've treated myself to new gorgeous makeup brushes, a little haul of makeup, a book, and new phone cases because I'm getting a new phone. Double Yippie!

• It is still insanely cold and there is still tons and tons of snow, but I swear it's starting to really feel like Spring. Johan and I even enjoyed a fika in the sunshine on our balcony the other day (in all our winter clothes of course).

• Today we are spending the Easter holiday with Johan's parents at their place. Kind of nice to have a free relaxed day out in the country where they live.

Have a great weekend!

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