Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello Monday!

Time to share with you what I've been dreaming, designing and planning for the past few months... my new studio space that I'll have when we move in just 11 days to our new apartment! This is just a sketch of course (though I did photoshop it rather to scale) and it most likely will change once I move in and see how all the furniture looks together etc. But this is how I've kind of decided I'd like my new space to be set up. Let's take a look... (pardon my goofy wonky scribbles, still not quite used to writing on my tablet.)

I feel insanely dorky showing you this, but I'm going to anyway. So the majority of the furniture I've inherited from family including the two desks and the mini red velvet armchair which is nice since they are the big ticket items. I'll only have to purchase a few additions such as lamps, a few storage items from Ikea, and other prettifying bits and bobs.

Pretty excited to have a larger work space with two desks, and hope that the L set up will work out nicely. Right now every time I'm going to start a drawing I have to clear my desk. I'm also really excited to lift up my scanner/printer and store it on the Alex drawers which I now store on the floor under my desk. (Not exactly comfortable every time I have to scan something.) The Alex is going to be great too since it's the perfect size to store all my drawings which I don't really have a good solution for currently.

Also excited I can make the space as girly as I want because it's my space, no boys allowed, hehe.

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White Bazaar said...

Looks great so far, can't wait to see how it turns out! It's funny as I've been thinking about getting the alex drawers to put my scanner on too! x