Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 23

Hello Friday! I'm so happy you're here!

• It's been a great week and my studio is finally becoming a bit more cozy. I've only got about 1 more box to sort through and unpack and then just get some art up on the walls and it'll be finished (as finished as can be). I'm also considering curtains because I think that will look rather romantic and pretty. Even designed the curtain fabric myself (go me!). All I need now is to bite the bullet and order a swatch to make sure it's perfect and then get a few yards.

• So happy to finally share my guide to Stockholm this week. If you some how missed it, you can read it here in issue 5 of Pouf Magazine.

• I've got a bike! A really rusty old thing but it's still nice and it'll be great for taking a ride around of pretty neighborhood with the boyfriend on sunny summer nights. p.s. We've been having the most gorgeous summer weather for a few days now. Sure hope this holds up all summer long!

• And a few other details from my new workspace. I'm loving the hanging shelves I got at IKEA. Still kind of in shock that I have an entire room to myself. Happiness.

Lastly, I have some rather disturbing news... Someone has stolen one of my scarf designs (only changed background colors, or a few colors) and is selling them across the United States as their own. I haven't licensed the image, so it has definitely been stolen, plus you can see from the images below that it is quite obvious that the design is mine. (I also recall the hours and hours I spend creating it too, so this is just so very devastating.) Just makes me soooo sooo soo very sad that someone would steal my work and I'm definitely taking action (with the help of attorneys) to sort this horrible matter out.

My design:
(At this time I won't be publishing the company name) Their cheap copy:

Why? Oh well, I'll keep you posted on the progress. Until then I hope you have a really great weekend.


Anonymous said...

That's horrible! The scarf, I mean, not the apartment, that looks great.
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, so, thank you :)

RKP said...

So sorry to hear about your scarf - just wanted to say that designers like you deserve all the support you can get! You do wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

This is a fellow artist I can sympathize with you..they have not even bothered to change the design in any way but have simply used your exact design in different colours...I hope you are going to pursue this legally!
I love your work and your blog!!
Jules, Dubai