Monday, July 22, 2013

Gotland: Part 1

Last last week the boyfriend and I packed up our car with vacation essentials and took a ferry to Gotland for a 5 day stay. (For those of you who don't know, Gotland is a large Swedish island off the east coast of Sweden.) During our 5 days, we explored nearly all corners of the island by car, visited with friends, enjoyed lots of picnics and didn't stay in the same hostel twice. I'd never been to Gotland, so it was great to see so many sides of the island, not just the capital city (where most people visit.) Gotland is just gorgeous and I already can't wait to visit again!

For being a rather small island, Gotland had countless different landscapes from thick forests, to stoney beaches, to vast farm lands. Some areas even looked like another planet. So pretty! When on vacation I just love walking around the new city or countryside, with no real direction. It was great having a car so we could stop to take in views as often and for as long as we wanted. We enjoyed taking walks through nature trails picking wild strawberries as we went and spent hours on the beach just sorting and looking through all the pretty stones.

Gotland is also known for lots of sunny days (which we don't really get too many of in mainland Sweden) so we were a little disappointed when the days were a bit chilly, cloudy, and even a little bit rainy. At least we had really sunny gorgeous evenings every night. So we enjoyed al fresco dinner picnics every evening. Incredibly romantic, especially with a sunset backdrop like this one we had the first night.

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