Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello Monday!

Let's get serious. I know it's Monday morning but I've got some things to discuss.

In the next coming weeks my Etsy store and all published digital images are going to under go a few changes. Mainly I'm going to be slapping on huge ugly watermarks on all of my images. I'm tired of all the plagiarism of my work. As we speak I'm dealing with 3 cases of people using my illustrations without my consent. It's disturbing and pisses me off honestly. I hope having watermarks on my images will at least help a little in my fight against dishonest horrible people.

Other changes aren't as drastic, and are actually a bit fun. Etsy is getting a bit of a facelift to their listing pages, so in order to be prepared for this I need to update my shop a little. I've created this illustration to represent my sizes better. What do you think?

I think I also need to spruce up my policies a lot. I'm sure they can be written a bit clearer, now that they're going to be more easily viewed in the new format. I'm also going to have to photograph my new studio space for my about page. Wouldn't want that to be outdated would we? Plus I just can't wait to show it off. (Just have to clean up a bit first.)

These cases of plagiarism have really bummed me out, but I'm trying not to let them get me too down. Fortunately I've had some great support from internet friends who have my back, and actually let me know about these cases, that I would otherwise have missed. So a huge huge thank you to them!

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