Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blogger WIMB: Emma of This is Lovely

Yay! It's Wednesday and I get to show off yet another gorgeous Blogger What's in my Bag illustration. This time it features blogger Emma of This is Lovely... who by the way has a really lovely blog.

Emma is also the first of all the bloggers who contacted me after my Call to Bloggers. I got way more emails than I had expected from loads of girls from around the world who were interested in being a part of my series... crazy right? It's been so fun looking through all the blogs and learning more about them/you. I seriously can't wait to feature them all here in the next coming weeks, months, and all through next year.

As always if you'd like to see the entire series you can view it on Pinterest here...
or get one for yourself in my Etsy shop here...

See the next one in two weeks :)

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