Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello Monday!

I don't even know where to begin to tell you just how gorgeous this summer has been. Sweden isn't always blessed with the nicest weather, but this year we were gifted with countless hot summer days! You've got one very very happy and pleased Swede here. Because we've had such a great summer, dealing with the long dark cold winter won't be so bad. (Hopefully!)

It's been rather distracting for my work because I've rather played in the sun than sit inside on my computer. I've gone on tons of bike rides and boat rides with the boyfriend. We've gone blueberry picking, grilled with friends or just enjoyed reading a great book by the sea (this one is my favorite.) I've gotten all the work that must be done finished but haven't really worked above and beyond on personal projects... this is also why the blog has been a bit neglected as well. Oh well, I'll have all Fall and Winter to stay cozy inside to draw lots and lots of new illustrations and share lots of nice things here on my blog.

Autumn is just around the corner and September is already looking like a fun filled, work filled, really exciting month. I've got so many exciting collaborations, projects, and even videos (yesss I said videos). It's just so lame that I can't already share everything with you. I always see September as a month of change rather than the New Year in January. September is back to school, the weather crisps up, it's cozy, and we're all refreshed from a long great summer. Since this summer was especially great, long and relaxing I can only imagine how productive my Fall and Winter will be. Here's hoping!

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