Monday, September 30, 2013

Blogshop Stockholm!

This weekend was so much fun! 

I was lucky enough to work as an intern for Blogshop Stockholm with the lovely founding ladies Bri Emery and Angela Kohler. I had been looking forward to this weekend all month and I'm so glad it was just as fun as I had imagined. Everything went so well, all the students were really nice, Bri and Angela were really knowledgable great teachers, the studio was gorgeous, and everyone learned a lot. 

The weeks leading up to the workshop I helped just a little to set up the studio, catering, pick up supplies, and had all the goodie bag items sent to me. (I felt to important.) During the class I (and my friend Asia who also interned) got to assist Bri and Angela with teaching the students. I've worked with Photoshop for years and know all the important basics but I learned a lot of great new short cuts which are seriously going to make my Photoshop life much easier. 

First off let's take a look at the gorgeous paper decor created by Ilona Hansson. Gorgeous right?!

The class was a perfect size of 11 students, full of a great mix of ladies and one gent from Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, America and Canada. I think everyone learned loads... maybe even made new friends.

Meeting the ladies was really amazing as well, especially Bri who I've followed in internetland for quite awhile. I must say it's a little strange meeting people you know so well from their blog etc but don't actually know. But Bri is exactly as she seems, aka really nice, open, creative, quirky, and maybe a pinch of fun crazy. 

I'm going to remember this experience for a while. After the workshop was over my mind was buzzing with new ideas and inspiration. I think it's going to feed me for a long time. 

p.s. Do you like the blogshop-esk look to my photos? I tried at least.

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Thanks so much India!