Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Etsy Revamp! Yay!

Phew! I've just spent all weekend plus Monday and Tuesday revamping my Etsy shop. A tedious and rather boring task fixing over 200 listings but I'm just so happy it now finally done... and big plus it's going to be sooooo much easier for all you buyers out there. Did you know that Etsy got a little bit of a revamp? Well if not, let me show you all the new features!

1. Now it's so easy to Like my shop, and add my items to your favorites. (Which btw they have also revamped so that you can have several lists of organised favorites. So smart!)

2. Bigger photos!

3. This is my favorite new feature!!!! Now I'll only have 2 listings for each image, instead of a listing for every size. My sizes Small through Large are in one listing, and my 2 poster sizes you'll find in another listing. You get to pick the size Print or Poster you like, rather than have to search through my entire shop for a print in the size you'd want. So great. I'm really excited I've finally fixed all my listings so that it'll be so much easier for my great buyers.

4. With bigger photos, I've added a watermark to all of my images to protect my work. I've been having lots of problems with my work being stolen lately with out my permission, hopefully this will help just a little. Illustrations will of course not print with the watermark.

5. This is nice too. Every time you look at an item a few of my other shop items will be shown to the right.

6. You can easily get in contact with me and request custom items. I love love love doing custom work so don't hesitate to ask.

7. This is new too! You can read my great feedback easily on every listing, and view my shipping details and policies. My shop policies were really difficult to find earlier. (Not sure anyone ever read them.)

8. Since I now only have 2 listings for all of my images, I link to the other sizes direct in the listing so they are really easy to find.

9. I think the new layout is really light and easy to read. All the information you need is really accessible and easy to find. Love it!

10. You can learn more about me and my workspace too.

What do you think of Etsy's new look, and my new shop features? I sure hope you like everything. Please always feel free to ask me questions or request images you'd like to see in my shop.
Thank you!


Lisa Petersen, Fashion Advisor said...

Love the updates that Etsy made to their shops & I've definitely favorited quite a few of your prints for a future purchase some day!

Unknown said...

Love the updates to the Etsy shops and I've definitely favorites quite a few of your prints for a future purchase someday!

Lynn said...

So love your blog and your work. Etsy is looking good. I have been interest inSweden too. What do you like about it? Your workspace is charming. HappyFall.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Kristin! I'm so glad you like it. This is the best update Etsy has ever done. So exciting!

Unknown said...

Lynn, thanks so much for enjoying my blog and work!

I love everything about Sweden (except maybe that everything is soooo expensive.) I love the landscape, Stockholm is just gorgeous, love the food, and the style.

Happy Fall too!