Friday, September 6, 2013

Week: 36

It's Friday, yes!!!

• This week I had this "fabulous" id photo taken. (Actually I'm rather pleased despite the lack of a smile. In my passport photo I look seriously drugged.) I've been putting off this task for months and have been walking around with an expired id card since February. Thank goodness no one actually checks. Step one I got the photo taken, step two is to get my butt to the bank and get my id renewed. Who knows how long that's going to take me to do.

• I've kicked my workout up a notch this week and I'm so proud of myself. Since signing up to track my workouts on FunBeat, where I'm able to see exactly how much time I'm devoting to working out, I've got a real push to get myself to the gym. (No more excuses, though I'm one of those weirdos who actually thinks working out is fun.) Along with my usual 3 days a week at the gym, I've been testing out the Ballet Beautiful workout at home a few times... even bought myself a nice yoga mat. I've been missing the grace (torture) of ballet since quitting 5 years ago, and I really want to keep my long lean muscles so this is a great way of doing so at home. Plus it's really really challenging. BB is kicking my old ballet butt. Try it!

• And then I've been working on illustration projects like usual.

Have a great weekend!

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