Thursday, October 24, 2013

Surfing in Sweden?

Surfing in Sweden sounds like a major oximoron, doesn't it? It also sends icy chills up my spine, all I can think is burr and run to wrap myself in several layers of wooly blankets! The water here is bone chilling during the "Summer" months, I can't imagine a wet suit would keep you that toasty in 10°C water.  I also can't imagine the weather and ocean being more than just pleasant, calm, and just plain nice here. But it seems that in a certain corner of Nynäshamn, about 1.5 hours outside of Stockholm at a beach called Stenstrand the open location and island weather conditions combine to cause enough waves for some Swedish surfing.

I'm thinking you have to be pretty hardcore in love with surfing (or crazy) to brave 10°C or colder water and an icy breeze for maybe just a few hours of surfing on 4 foot waves. You also have to get your butt all the way to Stenstrand, which isn't really an easy find. Would you dare?

I think I'll skip the surfing and just admire all the stones that fill the entire beach and surrounding area. They are just so beautiful. I always leave with at least one gorgeous ocean smoothed stone in my pocket.

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