Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello Black Friday!

5 Amazingly Fantastic Things Right Now:

• I thought I'd partake in the crazy fun sales this weekend too. (Don't want my shop to be left out.) I really hope you'll enjoy 15% off your entire order in my Etsy shop
Starting on Friday and ending on Monday at Midnight!

• This isn't so amazing but important none the less. Please make sure to place all orders before December 12th so they will have time to ship to you before Christmas (if you live in America or other countries outside of Europe.) Swedes can place orders until the 18th.

• Since the weather is getting really really cold, I've already booked two tickets to warm places so this Winter will fly by really fast. In January the boyfriend and I will fly to the Canary Islands for a lovely week retreat, and I'll be spending the majority of February with my family in Florida. Can't wait!

• Since I'm going to America pretty soon I've started to write a list of all the things I'd like to buy (especially makeup since it's triple the price here in Sweden). Can't wait to stock up on some great drugstore makeup! Also insanely excited about the release of Urban Decay's Naked3 palette. Want!

• Can't believe it's already December 1st this Sunday. I'll be enjoying my first Christmas dinner (Julbord) of the season with the boyfriend and his family on Saturday, and can't wait to put up my advent stars and decorations throughout our apartment. I love how they brighten up an otherwise pitch black December.

Have a great weekend!

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