Monday, January 20, 2014

Tenerife: Part 1

Hello Monday!

We're back from vacation, and let me just tell you it was really wonderful! It was so much fun to explore a new place, enjoy rather nice weather (it was a little more rainy and cooler than we had hoped for, but what can you do?), and took in tons of amazing sites. 

We rented a really nice apartment from Airbnb, and this made our stay on the island really comfortable, since we could cook and eat most meals at home, and it was really private and calm. Also our host was really wonderful  and helpful and gave us so many recommendations for places to visit over the entire island. We chose to live on the North side of the island, where it's much less touristy and a little cooler because that's more our style. This was perfect as we're not much for hanging on the beach with tons of other tourists and prefer to see what life is like through food, and exploring different neighborhoods. I think we got more of an authentic taste for the island this way. And our verdict was that we really did like Tenerife!

 It was also really lovely having a car, so we could explore the entire island... and we did. We got to see  all the different landscapes (and there were many) from dry to lush, and from mountainous to beaches. Everything was truly beautiful! I especially loved driving around the mountains and valleys on horrifyingly tight winding roads. We had to stop the car every few minutes to jump out and take in the gorgeous heights.

Here a few pictures from the first few days of our trip...

I'll share photos from the rest of the trip real soon.

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