Thursday, March 13, 2014

EmmaKisstina Makeup Bags

Hello Thursday!

Last week I mentioned that I'm working on creating a collection of makeup bags with my very own fabrics. As I'm working on the final touches I thought I'd share a little peek into my process. 

Since having so much fun designing my silk scarves I really wanted to branch out and create even more products. I loved that these projects take time, and there are tons of small details to decide on. I really love working with fabrics too so my first thoughts were to design pillows or kitchen towels or some or type of home decor... but everyone does that, plus I didn't want to do something too large scale. So my next idea, makeup bags, seemed like such a natural perfect fit for my lipstick and nail polish motivs.

When I sit down to design a fabric I either have a complete idea of how I'd like the fabric to look and then decide how it should be used or I decide how the design should be used first and then create a fabric design that would be a perfect fit. When I had the makeup bag idea I created fabric designs to match. Lipsticks and Nailpolishes, of course was a no brainer. 

So I started work on my fabric designs as well as started looking for someone to help me create them, because I can't sew to save my life. I also wanted to work with a fellow Etsier because that just seems right. I really want to support a fellow entrepreneur like myself. I contacted quite a few ladies but fell for Jordani's designs. The quality is really really nice, and her customers have so many great things to say about her designs. I seriously can't wait to see my fabrics transformed into her bags.

As far as the fabrics go, I've decided to have them printed with Spoonflower. They have nice quality, no minimum orders and they're really fast! Plus their prices are pretty reasonable. A few other small details I have to decide on are what color zippers, the fabric lining color, if I'm going to have ribbon zipper pulls, and I have to design and order labels with my logo. Oh and packaging details too of course.

I've created 5 fabrics but I think I'm only going to chose 3 to make bags out of. I'll keep my choices as a surprise for the launch!

Can you tell I'm really excited! I really really hope they turn out great, and that you'll all love them!

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