Monday, March 10, 2014

New Silk Scarves!

Hello Monday!

I've come out with a second edition of silk scarves! Instead of reprinting my first edition scarves I decided to revamp them slightly for the second edition. As much as I loved the first edition's large format of 90x90cm I decided to make the next batch a little bit smaller 65x65cm (hence making the price a little smaller too.) These scarves are also on a different but equally gorgeous type of silk called light Crepe de Chine. Compared to the Habutai silk of the first edition scarves, these are slightly less shiny and slightly lighter.

The new size makes them slightly more manageable, easy to tie simply around your neck or your head. I really like them! Hope you will too.

As well as reprinting 3 of my most popular designs Glamour, Red Coral, and Fuchsia Floral I came out with a new design... Cherry Blossom Branches. It's design is inspired by Japanese wishing trees, and features a really vibrant cornflower blue background color.

The boyfriend was kind enough this weekend to help me take these pretty detail shots since we actually had some sunlight this morning. :) All these designs are available in my Etsy shop now in limited quantities. 

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