Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vintage Botanical Flora Inspired Posters

Hello Tuesday!

I've got another pretty illustration to share with you today; well actually 2 illustrations. Yippy! And, they are a little bit different than my usual illustrations.

First off I usually don't use green backgrounds (because I just adore blue backgrounds the best... or pink) but I thought these would look especially pretty on green, don't you think? Green is also starting to grow on me. I should offer more of my illustrations on green. :)

And then secondly I usually draw flowers in proper bouquets, but I've been so inspired by vintage school posters lately that I wanted to try out something more free and simple. I really loved the effect of the first poster I drew so I created a second. (Maybe I'll even do a third or a fourth.) Oh and if I'm dreaming up more projects for myself, I think this would make a gorgeous textile or wallpaper pattern. Adding it to my drawing to do list.

You can find them separate and as a discounted set in my Etsy shop here here and here.

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