Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blogger WIMB: Carrie of WishWishWish

Hello Wednesday!

It makes me so happy that so many lovely and inspiring ladies want to be a part of my series. I've sent off many emails and thought that they would never in a million years answer me. I've been pleasantly surprised many times over.

Such as a week or so ago when the sugar sweet British blogger Carrie Harwood of WishWishWish emailed me back to say she'd love to be featured. I was so tickled and so pleased to see all the super cute items she'd have me draw. I really adore her fun loving colorful and slightly quirky style. She is just darling. Isn't her new light green Mulberry just the cutest?!

I'm also completely smitten with her gorgeous new blog design. I've been a fan of illustrator Kristina of KrisAtomic for a while and I think the design turned out just so very perfect and fun. I really adore her style! I also love that Carrie has the design as a custom iphone cover too. Clever!

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