Monday, August 11, 2014

Pattern Making

Hello Monday!

I think I'm finally back into the swing of things, aka working! Actually I feel so inspired, motivated and full of ideas I can hardly keep myself from drawing and digitally coloring all day long. (My fingers hurt actually.) I hope this spurt holds on for a long while longer because I have so many ideas that I'd like to get out of my head as soon as possible. Don't want to loose them!

I've been especially obsessed with creating new patterns. I'm not sure quite yet what these patterns will be used for, possibly just for my portfolio, but hopefully printed for some sort of collection one day.

This time when dreaming up ideas for new patterns I decided to step away from pink lipsticks and chose to draw my inspiration from nature. I'm pretty sure vacation has been a huge influence on my choice of drawing sea shells and other green park details.

What do you think? What should I draw next?

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