Wednesday, February 11, 2015 New Look

Hello Wednesday!

I've been toying with giving my website a cleaner fresher more sophisticated look for awhile now and I finally took a few steps to achieve this. Even though I work at lot with composition and color with my illustrations I struggle to figure out a concrete graphic profile for EmmaKisstina. Graphic design just doesn't come naturally to me strangely. Every time I update my website etc I feel as though I get one step closer to how I'd like everything to look, but it's only ever almost there. Hopefully one day I'll figure this all out, but for now it's kind of fun to test things out slowly. (No not really, this bugs me to no end. Ha!)

What do you think of the new look? I've added a fun slideshow with new product announcements on the front page, made the background a gorgeous pale ballet pink, and have made texts smaller and easier to read. I've also removed a lot of unnecessary information.

My branding and website will always be a work in progress so there are plenty of things I'd like to add or change... but this shall have to do for right now. Next step I'd like to take even more inspirational photos of my new products to show off. I've also be toying with adding my own web shop to my site. This is going to take tons of work so for now I'm still very very very pleased with my Etsy shop.

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