Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Illustrations

 Hello Wednesday!

Since getting my new big fat square sketchbook I've been prompted to draw all the time, which is great because for awhile I didn't draw very much. (What ever works!) So in my free time I've been drawing tons of new illustrations both for fun and for my shop illustrations and other products.

First up an illustration inspired by popular French pharmacy products. I think this print would be perfect for any bathroom. The French seem to really know what they are doing in the beauty department. Anyone else a fan of French pharmacy products?

I was looking through my shop and noticed that I don't have any prints with sunglasses but one. This had to be rectified right away, and here is my new sunglasses print! I think I'd also like to do another version in the future with different colors and patterns on the glasses. Wouldn't that be fun?!

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