Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet the Scarves!

Here they are... Available in my shop November 1st!

Marie Antoinette

Red Coral

Navy Pearls and Chains

Fuschia Floral

and last but not least, Glamour

A few important specs...
Size: 93cm x 93cm (36"x36")
Digitally printed on 100% Habutai silk
Printed in the United Kingdom
Machine sewn narrow hems, made in England

Do you like them? Tell me tell me tell me! Which is your favorite?

I'm already dreaming up the next collection. I am thinking of including silk kimonos and pocket squares for the gentlemen in our lives... as well as scarves in a few different sizes. But this time you'll be able to follow along. No more secrets. yay!


fina frun said...

Oh my god. I LOVE THEM!
The Marie Antoinette and the Glamour are my favourites.

I´ll keep an eye on the webshop...

emmakisstina said...

Those are my favorites too!

Sanna said...

OMG so gorgeous!!!

Judi said...

I love love love them all, but my favorites are Glamour and Navy Pearls and Chains. I can't wait until they're on ETSY.

Anonymous said...

I love the Navy Pearls and Chains!

emmakisstina said...

So fun to hear which one's are the favorites! So glad you all like them. xoxo

Beth said...

I LOVE the glamour one!!! When can we buy them????

emmakisstina said...

Beth I'm shooting for November 1st! I will of course keep you posted :)