Friday, February 7, 2014

Blogger WIMB: Vanessa of Five Coconuts in the Creek

Hello Friday!

I've made it to Florida and my family! It is just so much fun seeing them and spending long days with them doing just normal things such as going grocery shopping and having dinner. Strangely we are having really bad weather. It's actually rather chilly, rainy and gray. Poo! Hope the Florida sun comes out real soon.

So this week's blogger What's in my Bag also takes us to Florida to take a peek into crafty Mommy blogger Vanessa of Five Coconuts in the Creek  super dee duper cute favorite bag items. I love her happy and super cute purse and makeup bag... especially since they are pink, and the cute Hello Kitty soap too of course (which she makes herself!) :)

If you'd like to see the entire blogger what's in my bag series you can see it on Pinterest here...
And if you're interested in getting a poster for yourself you can take a look at this listing in my Etsy shop...

Hope you all have a really wonderful weekend! I'm really looking forward to spending lots and lots of time with my favorite person in all the world, my little sister. We're going to go shopping, and then have a girly slumber party kind of night, including face masks and manicures... and of course some favorite sweet treats!

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