Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New to EmmaKisstina

Hello Wednesday!

Instead of sharing a couple of photos from my trip to Florida I thought it would be more exciting to share a few new things that are coming to EmmaKisstina.

Makeup bags! I'm in the process of putting together all the details for creating a small line of fabric makeup bags. (eeeekkkk I'm so excited!!!) In the picture above you can see a sample of the possible bag shape, as well as a few of my fabric swatches that I've created specifically for these future makeup bags. I really love how the one in the foreground with the large lipsticks turned out. (my personal favorite.) Which do you like best?

Men's Pocket Squares! To complement my women's silk scarves I've created silk pocket squares or handkerchiefs (whatever you'd like to call them) for our gentlemen friends. The squares come in 2 different designs (Dandy and Louis XVI) and in 4 colors. :) They're in shop now...

More Silk Scarves! Last but not least I've revamped my silk scarf collection a smidge. Instead of my previous 90x90cm scarves these are now 65xcm as well as printed on a different type of 100% silk, light crepe de chine. I've reprinted 3 of my most popular designs and added one new one, Cherry Blossom Branches. Here's a peek, they should be in shop by the end of the week...

I've got plenty of other things that I'm dreaming up and starting to plan... but this should definitely do for now. Check out my new men's pocket squares in my Etsy shop and look out for my new smaller silk scarves in shop real soon.

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