Thursday, March 6, 2014

Style Bible

Hello Friday!

I illustrated a second book, Style Bible: What to Wear to Work! It actually came out last Fall but I wasn't given my copy until last month. This book is written by stylist Lauren Rothman and is all about what one should wear to work... especially in a professional environment for both men and women. I haven't read through the entire book just yet, but from what I've flipped through already it's packed with so many tips and tricks and great stylist insider information.

The second time around creating illustrations for a book was even more fun. Lauren was so easy to work with plus I got to try out a slightly different technique than my usual illustrations. These illustrations are all vector, and only outlines in the color light green (which I think is really fun!) I also even drew a few people, which I always find very challenging. But it was good for me to do something that I'm not so comfortable doing. They turned out nice though, right? For each chapter I created a cover illustration, ten in total,  plus a few small icons that were used throughout the book. Here is a peek at a few of my favorites...

I really love how the book turned out and am really pleased with the illustrations I created. I really hope we can work together again in the future! Oh and I of course would love to created lots and lots of illustrations for many books in the future.


Unknown said...

I had no idea you illustrated this!!! I met her at an event on the East Coast a while ago and got an advance copy of this- LOVED it.

Unknown said...

Oh how funny! Yes I did illustrate it, even though I'm not credited anywhere in the book (except the acknowledgements) :(
Glad you loved it!

En svensk tiger said...

Du skulle kunna illustrera barn- & ungdomsböcker ocksÄ.