Sunday, April 6, 2008

been awhile...

I finally got my junk together here in Stockholm. I have a sweet little work station, and an amazing new printer-scanner. I love it! I also finally got all the computery stuff going as well, all the programs sorted, and installed. Took forever and a day. So I finally have new prints to show off.



TALK TO new favorite.

I am also very busy working on my portfolio and projects for Forsbergs Design homework is so much fun there, as if it isn't work at all. Everyday in class is like being in really cool kindergarden. I learn a lot as well; of course.

Plus....the weather is finally starting to warm up. Stockholm is so amazing. You see more and more happy people out at cafes and shopping and just walking around the city, enjoying the perfect weather and a bit of sunshine. But the meanie weatherman says that it is going to dip back down to freezing this week, poo.

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