Friday, April 11, 2008


I thought it would be fun to show off my super work station. I decided instead of cleaning it up and making it look fabulous and neat and perfect, I would just show it how it is right now, and usually how it looks. Just piles and piles of amazing little things, and things I am working on, and random things like kisses and doilies. I am such a girl.

so here is my space. I have 2 desks and an embroidered painting of Marilyn Monroe that my very talented Mormor created for me.
studio bedroom

computer workstation
this is where all the high tech stuff happens. I wish I got internet here. That would be perfect. oh well.

the mess
this is the mess. I got a lot of amazing things going on right now. I got my music, and my gorgeous cellphone. And pretty pink satin and matching tissue paper. I got lots of magazines, and sketches, and girly stuff like nail polish and jewelry. Also a paper on which I tried to make the best kiss print ever. I think I suceeded...I found one that is really amazing.

marie antoinette inspired
I loved this sketch I did while watching Marie Antoinette. I watched some parts in slow slow slow motion so that I wouldn't miss anything. I love that movie. It is so beautiful.

my inspiration/research
here is where i get my inspiration. i love magazines. Numero is fabulous...I think my absolute favorite. And British VOGUE is also very hip...more so than American. Swedish Elle is sweet, and BON magazine has very interesting arty spreads. They have amazing magazine and newspaper stores here in Stockholm, you can find almost any magazine. But there are a few i wish Domino. That one is too cute.

oh and here is my favorite kiss to a very sexy well known bag. I keep all my business cards and thank you notes in it.

Usually because this area is in a bit of a mess. I take my work somewhere the dining room/living room where I have the most gorgeous view of Stockholm across the water. What a lucky girl I am.


ingermaaike said...

My livingroom and dining table are my workspace, but we are moving to Norway so I will have my own space too. I often find inspiration in the mess.

Kreativlink said...

I love seeing other peoples workspaces!
Your's look great. I have the same mess always. Just not so much girly stuff :)