Saturday, October 10, 2009

Breaks Over!

I have been busy! I have been brainstorming and doing some collaborations and trying to create new products and the such. It is super fun and exciting. The newest addition to the Emmakisstina print collection is now super sweet little pocket mirrors with lipstick prints. I think they are super sexy and adorable. I like the concept of putting on lipstick while looking into your lipstick illustrated mirror. Here are a few pictures of illustrations I have been working on.

First up! My new lipstick prints...
YSL lipstick 5x7 YSL
dior lipstick 5x7 DIOR
Lancome lipstick 5x7 LANCOME
chanel lipstick 5x7 CHANEL

And I have been starting to illustrate 'it bags' those of you who admire these gorgeous designer bags can enjoy them while you're still saving up or on the waiting list...or even those few of you who are proud owners and are obsessed...of course.

CHANEL255 5x7 CHANEL 2.55


Laura said...

I love your art!

Unknown said...

Where can i buy this art? Lpve it.