Friday, June 11, 2010

By the way...

My new little studio has been set up and I love it sooooo sooooo much. I have even had a few days to wear it in. I bought some stretched canvases and some new paints to get into painting again. I have even painted a few shaky has been far too long. Feels as though I have lost my touch, geez. I haven't really made the space too personal since it is just temporary...I think but I seem to be able to get lots of work done, which is really wonderful since I will be trying to work fulltime on my art this summer as a test for this coming fall. Cross your fingers! It is so amazing having a studio again. Haven't had a real workspace since college. It is so quiet and I have tons of space to spread out in, and I don't really have to worry about making a mess like inside a tiny Stockholm apartment. No photos yet though. I have waited for a sunnier day to take some gorgeous photos to show it off as well as my new projects. Should be coming soon. It has been rather gray and rainy a few days. Yuck! But it should be better next week, hopefully! Who knows in Sweden where the weather changes every few hours.

Tomorrow my bf and I are off on a little boat to an island outside of Nynäshamn for a 30th birthday party with a Nautical theme. Shall be fun to be on the water, eat some great food and drink some yummy drinks, and spend the night in a sweet little summer cottage with friends. Might even take some photos...

Puss o Kram

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